The first fully Portable Waterline Camera!

Ideal coaching tool for water sports. Watlicam enables real-time performance analysis with its full integrated view of
above and below the waterline video images.

Wireless Control. Simply fix the Watlicam at water level, and it is ready to be controlled from
your tablet, smartphone or laptop with its build-in WiFi.

This amphibious camera is Totally Portable.
Watlicam is compact and light. It fits in 55x40x25-size backpack.

Its Long Lasting Autonomy delivers more than
8 hours of streaming and recording.

Easy to install and use.

Outstanding features


Watlicam creates its own Wi-Fi connection. Any cord needed.


You can simultaneously view current action and record it in a high quality image video.


You can simultaneously connect a number of different devices. No matter what the operating system: IOS, Android or Windows.


Controling your Watlicam is easy by using the App. Set up, view and record HD videos from your device. Use the 64GB internal memory to manage all your records.


Watlicam is totally autonomous. It’s compact, light and is provided with a longlasting rechargeable battery of up to 8 hours autonomy.


Firmly fixes your Watlicam to the pool edge at waterline. Easyly adaptable to the majority of existant pool edges. Permits an accurate leveling to set the precise height required.


Watlicam rotates horizontally up to 100 degrees to allow the follow up of a moving target, or simply to modify the visual angle of a stationary one. The Mlink component allows you to do it manually.


Rotating your Watlicam is even easier using the Elink that can be provided by the App. You control rotation from your device while seeing real time images and simultaneously record HD video.


Watlicam can move along the pool edge to follow up a target in travelling mode without altering viewing and recording functions at real time by using the sliding platform component available at request.

Dimensions: 42cm (16,5 in) x 29cm (11,4) in) x 18cm (7 in)
Weight: 3,4Kg (7,5 lb)
Battery: LiPol, 8 hours autonomy
Video Resolution: 1080p 30 fps
Video Format: .mov
Focus: Automatic and manual
Memory: 64GB Internal memory

Waterline View

Until Watlicam, aquatic videos had to choose between underwater and above the water view.
Watlicam integrates these two views into a perfectly defined image.

The integrated waterline image is divided by a horizontal straight line
that remains clean despite waves and water ripple effects.

Watlicam helps to shorten the learning process either for beginners or advanced swimmers, saving time and
facilitating communication between swimmers and coaches.

The shorter the delay between execution and correction the better the comprehension.
Immediate view provided by Watlicam shortens dramatically this delay avoiding repetitions and complex explanations.

About Us

Why Watlicam?

I'm Bet Fernandez, over the last twenty years I’ve been coaching synchronized swimming at all performance levels: teaching basics at beginner level, advanced skills for age groups and junior competition local and national teams and with senior Spanish national team helping the swimmers to reach the technical perfection needed to get the Olympic medals they won. Working at high performance level I had the opportunity to work side by side with experts in sports sciences and specially in biomechanics, and to use technological advanced tools that provide integrated above and underwater images. This cooperation resulted in being more efficient saving precious training time, an enlarged sport vision and a remarkable improving of swimmers self performance comprehension.
Marc Arañó, is the industrial designer who made it possible, and toghether we created Waterline camera S.L. We present Watlicam.
Bet Fernandez & Marc Arañó





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