During July our Watlicam will be at FINA World Championship Budapest 2017 and at some summer camps, too. A lot of activity for our new and innovative waterline camera full portable and easy to use.

Few days ago Watlicam was used by Tony Azevedo and Adam Wright during their Waterpolo summer camp in California. It was a pleasure to be there and to be so useful for the young waterpolo players. BIWPA an international water polo academy settled in Barcelona is using Watlicam, too. They are working with Quim Colet, an international water polo advisor, who is running the summer camps and the Watlicam’s sessions. A club near to Barcelona, CN Matar√≥, it will also use the Watlicam this summer in their waterpolo summer camps.

On the other hand, Watlicam it will be used at WP CAMPS , SWIM CAMPS and SYNCHRO CAMPS from 15th July to 28th July. These summer camps will be held near to Barcelona, the place where Watlicam was born. We are so proud to collaborate with a new and young company, who organize these summer camps. They started to work with Watlicam one year ago giving to their summer camps and extra value. This year, for the first time, Watlicam it will be used for the three aquatics disciplines water polo, swimming and synchronized swimming.

We are so happy to be there. Ready to start!