14th july the incredible Heroes Square (Hősök tere), the iconic UNESCO World Heritage site, which is located adjacent to the City Park ice rink will be the perfect stage for the Synchronised swimming world championship competition at FINA Budapest 2017. Watlicam will be there, as a new technological tool for judges in order to know what is going on beyond the surface and helping their decisions about any penalty situation.

FINA World Championshisp Budapest 2017 OC will be the first to use Walicam for synchronized swimming judges, as a backup and only in penalty situations. Watlicam allows seeing at the same time all movements underwater and above the water view. The integrated waterline image is divided by a horizontal straight line that remains clean despite waves and water ripple effects.

Watlicam crew is more than glad to be at the lake “Városliget” City Park and to be part of this amazing competition. With the giant sculpture-pantheon, the two classical museum-buildings and the Vajdahunyad Castle located in or close by to the square, the temporary pools will be set up in a fantastic location. The combination of the site, with the amazing routines of the world’s best synchronised swimmers, this location promises a once in a lifetime experience for everyone and Watlicam will be there.