Watlicam is around the World thanks to everyone who trusted in us and in this new incredible technology. We are working day by day in order to improve all waterline camera features and to approach this new incredible and newest camera to all sports world.

Watlicam allows seeing at the same time what is going on above and beyond the surface. Behind this new waterline camera there are two persons: Bet Fernandez and Marc Arañó.

Bet Fernández, over the last twenty years she has been coaching synchronized swimming at all performance levels and with senior Spanish national team helping the swimmers to reach the technical perfection needed to get the Olympic medals they won. Working at high performance level she had the opportunity to work side by side with experts in sports sciences and specially in biomechanics, and to use technological advanced tools that provide integrated above and underwater images.

This cooperation resulted in being more efficient saving precious training time, an enlarged sport vision and a remarkable improving of swimmers self performance comprehension.

Marc Arañó, is the industrial designer who made it possible.